Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wondering: The start of the day

These poorly focused phone photos are not from today. Today the rain lashed, the hailstones bounced, the wind whipped. And we three, then four, then five, all stayed at home. But a couple of days ago it was a glorious January day. The Tiny One and I took the Little One to school, and as we walked back home again - ah! just look at it!
I hate to be hierarchical about the weather, because a day like today - watching hailstones ping on the ground like they were dancing on a trampoline - well that has its own beauty too. But is there anything better than a cool, clear, crisp midwinter day with the sky the colour of a summer sea and the sun blinding you? I went right up to the top of the house with the Tiny One, who was rather perplexed at his view-drunk mother, opened the roof windows and took photos - one out the front, one out the back. Yes I knew they'd be grainy, just look at them. But those long shadows from the rising sun are there. The tinge of cold gold on the fields and houses. The start of something. The promise.

And it went on to be a good day. It lifted me up and sent me soaring onwards.

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