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Welcome! This is my little home on the web where I write about my adventures in domesticity. There's lots of sewing & mothering, and some making, baking, wandering & wondering.

I live in the Peak District in the UK, in a village with my husband and three boys - a teenager and two younger ones. I have been a full-time stay-at-home mum, but this year I hope to start a business sewing quilts, curtains, cushions and other home decor.

I didn't sew at all really until I was pregnant with my last child, and then I fell hard and fast. I didn't bake at all until I had my first child, when I couldn't even boil an egg. I didn't live anywhere but the city until I was pregnant with my second child, when the countryside, the hills and nature came calling. I have always been creative, though I think it got submerged a little under my academic kid personae. I like to think my children have brought out the best in me. There are certainly times they'd disagree!

You won't find pictures of us; I'm a bit shy! But you will find lots of photographs that are mostly taken by my clever husband on his Cannon dSLR, and a few rubbish photographs taken by me on my phone.

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