I sew

For little people...
L to R, top row: Evie bunting, pink fleece floor blanket, H is for Horse, C is for Cat.
L to R, second row: J is for Jellyfish, flower garden string mobile, transport mat, Noah's Ark quilt.
L to R, third row: flower string mobile, Caspar mobile, transport wall pockets, Harriet bunting.
L to R, bottom row: Maisy apron, table tent, toddler builder's belt, Logan bunting.

Bag it up...
L to R, top row: tea-time tote, Louie hook bag, sunshine tote, Letter I totes.
L to R, middle row: yellow tote, little pink tote, Letter A tote, Letter O tote.
L to R, bottom row: Letters D & E totes, basic totes, seaside messenger bag, Arthur hook bag.

For big people...
L to R, top row: classic apron, blue pot holder, dotty placemats.
L to R, middle row: boating cushions, make-up wrap, plastic bag tidies.
L to R, bottom row: lilac camera case, peg bag, chequebook wallet.

Happy to be commissioned to make more of any of the above, or anything else you like! But not so happy to be copied, so please don't. Thank you. x

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