Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sewing: the Cycle Lane Quilt

Hello! I've been looking forward to showing you the Cycle Lane Quilt I made in November, as a commission for a new baby. His parents are keen cyclists and climbers, hence the bikes and ropes, and you may also notice there are four magpies for a boy.
The quilt is cot-sized, modern in style and colour, and quilted in wonky lines. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. My lovely neighbour (who commissioned it) particularly wanted the magpies included, so after too many hours spent trawling UK online fabric shops, I ended up sourcing it from spoonflower in the US. The rest of the fabrics are a mixture of lines, including a couple from Julia Rothman's Ride, Michael Miller Ship Ahoy ropes, and my favourite Violet Craft from Michael Miller Waterfront 'flight'. The birds are just lovely, and the charcoal background... sigh. I bought those four key fabrics from Celtic Fusion Fabrics; they always have such a lovely selection.

Look at that, I managed to take a close-up picture of one of the few spots where my corners don't perfectly match. That's hurried photography for you!
A little shot of the back too. Just look at that blurred focus. It's clear why I usually get my husband to take my quilt photos! (By the way, I never used to be a fan of orange, but the slightly burnt tone of that pumpkin shade? It's totally won me over.)

Baby quilts are my favourite to make. All the joy of the fabrics and the quilting, and none of the stress and effort of getting two square metres of fabric rolled under the arm of my sewing machine! I'm starting my business this year and baby quilts are definitely going to be a key product.


  1. It looks fantastic and who really cares about corners that aren't perfect? You're right about Celtic Fusion Fabrics, all of it is lovely!

  2. Me and john kust love the quilt, it's perfect. And Leo can keep it forever and hand it down to his little ones! Let's hope he lives biking as much as us. We're very grateful to Alice for commisioning such a lovely gift.xx

    1. Oh thank you so much Jo-Anne, that means a lot! I hope all's going well with Leo. Sending all the best xxx

  3. It looks fantastic - and how great to incorporate such personal meaning in an aesthetically pleasing way - I'm a big fan of that orange too.


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