Saturday, 30 June 2012

Around here lately

I've been making more of an effort with lunch. Taboulleh here we come. Still struggling to get the Tiny One to eat though - why does a mother who loves to eat and cook all sorts of fancy and unusual things get stuck with a baby who will eat very little? He doesn't even like bread. Grrr.

Said baby discovered my confetti stash and confettied everywhere. Still, it kept him busy and happy. Congratulations on your wedding, Tiny One.

And what keeps the Little One happy? Some cream on his sore fingers apparently (he picks his nails). Only he did it himself and it turned into some sort of game. Oh dear. Congratulations on your very soft hands, Little One. They stayed soft all day.

What keeps their mama happy? Their confetti and nappy cream messes, definitely. And sewing, obviously. I've been working on the Little One's 'cars & diggers' birthday quilt (it's past his birthday, but at least I actually started it beforehand. Progress, my friends).

And here is progress on my first ever paid sewing. Woo hoo! It's complete now, though of course I didn't get a photograph. I do love a bit of bunting. I don't care that everyone else does now. Popularity doesn't diminish loveliness in my opinion.

I'd love to say I'm off to sew some more now. But I'm off to clean the house before a 10am birthday party. My mother-in-law's coming.

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