Monday, 2 July 2012

A few more things I've been sewing

I said I'd give you a sewing catch-up. We're half-way there, so here's some more...

I made a wall/bed hanging pocket thingy (what would you call it?) as a 3yr old's birthday present. I'd like to say the wonkiness is as a result of perspective, but it's me not measuring properly. Lesson learnt! Still, I'm rather fond of it. I'd love to make one for the Little One.

The lovely fabric is from Robert Kaufman's 'City Centre' collection: 'City Commute' in primary (here's an example). I bought it from Fabric Rehab but they've currently run out.

Here's the second of my commissioned lengths of bunting. It's for a little girl with yellows, browns, neutrals and greens in her room. Her mum picked out the fabrics. Aren't they lovely? Good taste! I can't wait to see it in situ. There are some curtain samples from my mum in there, some fabrics I'd bought, part of my dad's 1970's corduroy brown trousers (!) and broderie anglaise from a pillow I had as a child. Hard to part with, but off to a good home.


And for another 3yr old's birthday (we're in the middle of a long run of them), I used some apron fabric I picked up at our local fabric mill's second's shop. I really love Maisy Mouse. With a bit of pretty yellow ribbon and some careful hemming (a curve! I know, you've all probably done one before, but it was quite something for me), it came together in just under two hours. I have the fabric for two more. Hooray!

Yes, that is the Tiny One making his mark. I know I don't usually show photos of my boys but this one is still very anonymous and I just couldn't resist that little dimpled hand in the picture. I'm off to give it a squeeze now.

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