Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Catching up

There's about a month missing isn't there? I thought I'd write a quick post to show you (to coin a phrase) a few things I made earlier...

I made a mobile. Gosh it took a long time. But I'm happy with how it turned out. My favourite bit is the felt circles. You've got to love a bit of felt.

I want to make something similar for my boys but you know what it's like - there's never the time to make things for your own family and home. I'll add it to the 'one day' list!

The Little One had a party. Builder-inspired - he's nothing if not consistent, that one. So I made him a builder's cake (chocolate on the outside, yellow on the inside as specified) using Nigella's custard birthday cake recipe.

I also made some snack-time cheese biscuits in the shape of crane hooks (hooks are a big thing round here lately), a long rocky road for the builders to drive on (a big success; broken up for the 'grown ups' to eat), builder biscuits and rice krispie chocolate boulders. It was a morning-only party as the village Jubilee street party picnic was calling on us all at lunchtime. I wish the Jubilee happened every year - it's a lot less stressful having a shorter party with no meal to provide!
I have more to show you, but that's for another time!

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