Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hello! I have some photos to show you...

Remember the greeting cards I was making? Well I'm back at it. And the new method involves PVA and fabric. More fun than it should be. All the above were for birthdays except the obvious stork arrival one.

A few interesting things (by which I mean 'I found them interesting' but 'you will most probably be bored out of your mind but kindly pretending otherwise')...
  • Fabric really soaks up the glue. You go through a fair bit. But it's oddly satisfying brushing it on.
  • Use a stiff brush. Or get one of those plastic glue-spreaders you used in nursery school.
  • Lots of glue means damp card. And often slightly warped card by the time it dries. I'm sure there's a solution (spray-on glue?) but I quite like the inelegant handmade-ness of it.
  • The brush with its last gasp of glueyness can be used to tease all the stray threads from the unhemmed fabric into place.
  • To text or not to text? I like writing on the cards but I'm not sure whether they are more effective and tasteful in their simple, word-free state.
I have another batch to do one evening in the next week.

PS I like the train one best.

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