Sunday, 22 April 2012

Felt better

Just look at that! A rainbow of felt. It's thicker than the sort of thing you can pick up in any old shop. In fact it's got a lot more than thickness to show off about: it's eco-friendly and a wool-blend (doesn't shed or bend out of shape). I felt embarrassingly excited at just ordering it, so it's arrival had me grinning like an idiot and I think I actually clapped my hands. Applauding felt, I ask you! The Little One helped me open it and as he is my main fabric audience, he now thinks that fabric is very exciting. Oh how that will change one day.

I can't go on without crediting the supplier: Sue Eggen of Giant Dwarf, and ordered from her Etsy shop.

And here's the first thing I made...

... a one-strand mobile for a new arrival. I hope she likes watching it in her room, and swiping at it when given the chance! I cut the flowers out, sewed each one with a running-stitch centre on each side, then machine sewed them together, stuffing as I went. The leaves are sewn half-way along their length with the embroidery thread that makes up the one-strand.

It has lots of flaws to remedy next time, as all first-time projects must (or at least mine do). But I loved making it and how it turned out, and I hope to make more on the same theme. I thought I was just a fabric addict but it seems I have a felting weakness too. I can't imagine using any other felt than this though. It is such a treat just to receive it in the post, let alone use it.

PS I had grand Easter felting plans that fell by the wayside. If you watch this space almost a year from now, I hope I'll be pulling out the Easter felt shades and wowing you with my strings of bunnies, chicks etc. We can but dream!

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