Monday, 23 January 2012

The week that was; the week that will be

Nine things times two: things I have done; things to do. Oh how I love a list! (And yes, this is a new, regular feature)

Last week...
  1. I did find time for some Molly Makes reading. But less than half was read, and it was while waiting with the Big One in the orthodontist waiting room. Not that relaxing.
  2. The wedding photo frame is done, ta-dah! A little taster for you on the right. (You may remember I told you it'd been waiting four years to reach the top of my to-do list.)
  3. My parents are here. And it's lovely. My mum has knitted the Tiny One a cardigan! Pictures will be taken and shown off, I assure you.
  4. We had a glorious but drizzly day out with the Tiny and Little Ones in a local town. A park was visited, a football was kicked, a playground was used and, best of all, a very smooooooth floor in a little shopping centre was used by the Little One for scooting. Fast!
  5. The potty training has reached an impasse. All the mechanics are there, but we are in a battle of wills. The Little One is opinionated, self-assured and stubborn. He will not use a toilet/potty. He's quite happy to use his pants. We will not back down. How long until one side triumphs?
  6. With a friend, the Little One and I attacked the back garden. It felt so good. The brown went, the green was spotted, the flat was swept, the tall was shortened. Yet to show much time for the garden, I have recently been inspired by Charlotte to learn a little more about the strange and unknown world of gardening.
  7. No sewing was done. Again. I miss it terribly.
  8. We finally watched the Downton Christmas Special on itvplayer. So so good.
  9. New shoes were bought. Frivolously. The first frivolous pair in four years. I can't tell you the joy of it!
This week...
  1. I will get on that sewing machine or else!
  2. Coffee time with a lovely friend: a very decadent and rare treat these days.
  3. I'll be seeing a few mummy friends too. Diarising a lot at the moment as I continue with that January organisational zeal.
  4. The 'Eat the Week' feature will return.
  5. I will make a decision about my camera. The Little One broke it in a running and dropping incident. Can it be fixed? Do I make do without as I can't afford a new one, leaving my husband to take his better but more occasional blog shots for me with his whizzy camera? Or do I send myself into debt with a new one?
  6. More potty training. Ho hum.
  7. Parents to say goodbye to. Boo hiss.
  8. My mother-in-law is coming to stay for her birthday. Menu planning!
  9. And I will be trying to discover how to recreate the dottie angel mobile that I have fallen, fittingly, head-over-heels with. (See if you can spot it in this post.)


  1. Ooh well done you this week, especially with that wedding photo frame!

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog as now I have found yours :)
    Good luck with the potty training, my 2yr old is frustrating me, she sits on the potty last thing at night and goes, "oh look mummy" oh well done I reply but then shows no sign in the days of wanting to use it. I am thinking of waiting until it warms up a bit and then I'll just leave her out of nappies and hopefully then we'll get somewhere.
    And yes the fabric with the seed heads is a Lotta print, I wasn't sure when her collection came out but now I am hooked, simple yet bold designs and the colours are gorgeous quite muted and yet strong. I'm hoping its a collection that will run and run.
    Jenny x

    1. That really cheered me up, thank you! Potty training now pretty much sorted (am sure I'll find an excuse to blog about it). And thank you also for the Lotta print info. I am having such a thing for mustard colours and seedhead designs, so her fabrics hit both birds with one stone. I should be going to bed but instead I have been drooling on fabric websites (including a lovely V&A print called 'shell' in brown and blue that I think you would like).


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