Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The week that was; the week that will be

Nine things times two: things I have done; things to do. Oh how I love a list!

Last week...
  1. The headline: we started potty training the Little One. It is not going well.
  2. I baked for a bake-sale I helped to run. I semi-burnt half the biscuits. I ate the most burnt ones myself. Even half-cremated, they were quite a perk of the job.
  3. I started my tax return. Then realised I needed log in details. Oops.
  4. I did no sewing. I meant to. I wanted to. But there was housework and kids and errands...
  5. But I did quite a bit of cooking. Including our first proper dinner for friends in the no-longer-new house.
  6. I made a cheesecake that collapsed in the middle. My third ever cheesecake, and all have done this. But it is better fresh from the fridge a few days later. Perhaps I didn't chill it enough first? Or was the bake to short or chilly? I must get an oven thermometer.
  7. I finally put the sealant round the bath.
  8. I wiped too many snotty noses too many times.
  9. And I dreamt of a sewing studio, or nook, all of my very own.
This week...
  1. My Molly Makes magazine has arrived. I love it. And by Jove I'm going to find time to read it!
  2. We will get the Little One to stop weeing in his pants even if it drives us nutty!
  3. My parents are coming. Hoorah.
  4. I will sew something. There must be time somewhere for sewing.
  5. I will finish the wedding photo frame that's been in progress for at least two years (and we've been married over four!). I know, I know. But I'm going with the mantra that postponing is better than cancellation.
  6. I will re-start my Eat the Week feature on the blog. Well it only featured once before, but I plead extenuating circumstances!
  7. I will start thinking about Valentines. Yes, it's a month away. But I live in an odd space-time-warp in which months fold themselves up and seem to last only days. Spooky.
  8. I will get out of the house, even if it means resorting to pull-ups for the Little One. I'm sure the Big One potty trained in only a couple of days. Am I rose-tinting history?
  9. I will try to stop obsessing about potty training. And writing about it here. Do you really want to know about toilet things on a domesticity blog? I thought not.

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