Thursday, 9 June 2011

You do something to me

Here is a baby card for a friend's new little boy. But I'm just using the picture to introduce a few thoughts about my own baby boy. My Tiny One.

Oh he is so lovely. He has the cheekiest, silliest smiles. The Little One didn't smile as much as a baby so the Tiny One's smiles are so much appreciated. They usually make me giggle, and a little giggling goes a long way.

He smells delicious. Bury-your-head-in-his-hair delicious. I sink my nose in his big, soft, cushiony cheeks and smell him while I dance with him. I dance with him a lot - he's not too good at getting to sleep on his own, so the ever-familiar mummy-jig comes out of my hat regularly.

He is solid yet delicate. He has a bit of strength and control but is still so baby-like. Today I caught him trying to control his arm as he swiped for something on his baby gym. I think he is very clever.

He has beautiful eyes. I thought the Little One's eyes were just glorious, and they are - so round, big and blue. But the Tiny One's eyes are shaped like almonds, with lovely curled lashes, and a strange, bewitching colour that could either clear to blue or thicken to brown.

I feel like I am getting to know him. I know he is getting to know me. He lights up when he sees me. He relaxes into my hold. If he's getting a little tetchy on his own and he sees me, he goes up a few gears to crying because he knows I'm the one to tell how he feels to, and I'm the one to help.

I think I am falling in love.

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