Thursday, 23 June 2011

Twice was nice

Happy Birthday dear Little One! Well it was a few weeks ago but I'm only just getting around to posting.

I can't believe he's two. I remember his little squashed-up face lying serenely next to me in the cottage hospital where he was born. Breastfeeding while his little hand held my finger so firmly in his grip. Lying his little strong body against my folded legs so I could look into his big eyes and wonder about him. His confused face when we tried to tickle him (he's not very ticklish). The weeks of whinging that preceded the first crawling, when we realised our little lovely had bundles of energy and was desperate to be on the move. Him tottering around and laughing on the cricket pitch that we use as our extended back garden. Him perfecting the perfect take-off and landing to a jump but not managing the off-the-ground part in the middle of it. His first word ('bye') that took so long to arrive. His little teeth emerging with very little protest. His growing obsession with builders. This list could go on and on.

We are so head-over-heels with him now. We love the effort he takes to string two- and three-word sentences together. His amazing ability to throw and kick in the right direction, and even to catch. How his little teddy is getting more of a personality (and bodily functions!) every day he plays with it. The way he tells us off. The fun he has with his brother, the Big One, and the tenderness he shows to his other brother, the Tiny One. Him laughing at jokes (he was a serious little baby) and making them. The drama he bestows on finding a fly indoors. The pure joy he experiences outdoors, with space and freedom all around. His beautiful face, his slight but purposeful body, his funny little dance.

He had a lovely birthday, with his beloved grandparents there, a picnic, a sandpit, only one small meltdown and lots of (but not too many) great presents. And he understood the specialness of the day and the specialness of him. It was lovely to see. I am so enjoying seeing him growing up, and trying to remember to savour every moment and milestone as they pass by and vanish.

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