Sunday, 29 May 2011

Things you missed... March sewing

The sewing machine and I got along well in March. We bonded. I still made a lot of mistakes, yet I was making things and feeling that I could do it.
First I made a blanket for a friend's new baby. I tried mitred corners! I didn't really achieve them, but they were a passable attempt. It was nice to make something for someone so young. I hope I will continue making presents, so this little gift may be the first of many. It was nice to imagine her birthdays to come, and the made-things she will amass over the years. And to think this is the first child who will know no different me than sewing-me.
Then I made some bags for two two-year olds. I really enjoyed it. Little boys like little bags to put things in, or at least mine does. I will make them differently next time, as I hemmed each side first before joining, which made the joins incredibly thick to sew and affected the lie of the bag. Don't you love the fabrics?! Hungry Caterpillar fabric - what a great idea. I had to restrain myself from buying the entire range. And I love the colours and retro-style of the planes. I sewed the names on in the same way as with on first sewing project (the bunting), but am beginning to think hand-sewing would be better and neater (if only I had the time).

Last but by no means least - in fact, last but most - is the bag I made my mum for Mothers' Day (or is it Mother's Day? I need to read some 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves'). I'm so pleased with how it turned out: the fabrics together, the button, the way I 'knocked it up' following my instincts rather than my usual control freakery. And I love that the floral, mustardy fabric is Anna Maria Horner, whose blog I really enjoy and whose sense of colour and pattern is exuberant and yet perfectly judged. It was a little treat of a purchase for me and for my mum, and hopefully not my last from her range.

And there you have it. I haven't sewn a thing since - the Tiny One arrived once March had departed, and has ruled my roost since. But I am promising myself to make time for sewing (soon, soon) and I hope it won't be too long. As a little whet to my appetite, and a spur on to sparking up the machine, I've been on ebay buying fabrics in the last couple of weeks and getting very excited when our postlady comes!

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