Friday, 20 May 2011

Things you missed... March cards

March was a bit of a card-making frenzy, because I knew I'd be out of action in April with the Tiny One on his way. I've shown you some already, but here are those you missed. The three above were made using magazine-page collaging. I like playing around with the colours and patterns to find those that complement. I think the letter cards work best in this format, but I quite like the stylised house I made for my parents' anniversary (it's supposed to look a little like their white house on the river). But is the collage technique a bit of a cop-out? I've been so afraid of making my own art (I was good at age 18. Reader, I lost it. Being good at drawing is not like riding a bike, but like learning a language - show me anyone a decade on from GCSE French who can manage more than a smattering of words and phrases). Maybe I've just been using someone else's art and rearranging it?

With this in mind, I have moved onto collage with colour blocks, ideally suited to a train-loving and dinosaur-loving twosome who turned two in March and April, respectively. It feels a little more like I am the artist when making this style of card (though that's a very glorified title for someone sitting at the kitchen table with glue, sugar paper and the merest sprinkling of creativity).

Prior to this year, I'd not made a card since childhood. This year of card-making was, to be honest, inspired more by lack of money than abundance of inspiration, talent or creativity. But it's brought me a little feeling of each member of this triumvirate. And it's brought me back to my childhood. I think as adults we can lose our ability to play - our creative tinkerings - and I know I had certainly lost mine. Cards are such little things. And yet they send thoughtfulness and caring to their betroved; and yet they require some of that artistic triptych of inspiration, talent and creativity. But they are little enough not to be daunting in time taken or effort required. And for a shy, retired, lapsed artist they are the perfect way to dip my toes back in.

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