Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Easter 2015

Easter has come and gone. Where are the days going? They are flying by and I feel like I just need a half a day to get back ahead of myself. There never is that half day though, and so I'm always out of breath trying to catch up. Gosh, the things I could do if I had a cleaner, a couple of evenings when my husband wanted to watch a film on his own without me, and a magic machine to kick me out of bed at 6am every morning.

But I can't and I shouldn't complain. The world's a much tougher place for most other people in it and, even if you're not into the religious side of Easter, the giving thanks and feeling lucky part of it ought to be something all of us hold on to. New life racing in - who of us would ask it to go away or slow down?

Just you wait til I put up a whole post of Easter lamb pictures!

(And, by the way, I'm having yet another fed-up-with-my-outdated-clanky-blog-design moments. What do you think?)

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  1. Oh no my comment disappeared - I'll try again... I could definitely do with more hours in the day. My other half has been away a lot lately and I am so behind with the housework - it's hideous! I wish I could make myself get up earlier. Maybe if we tried to get up 5 minutes earlier each day we could gradually train ourselves?! x


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