Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ho Humming

Ho hum.

So the blogging thing is getting a little less regular isn't it? The fuller my life feels in the real world, and the more I try to live my dreams rather than imagine them, the quieter things get on here.
And, let's be honest, I have yet to fully read the instructions for the camera part of my smart phone and my pictures are rubbish. The lovely husband's proper camera photos are perfect but, unfortunately, sporadic. And I'm not allowed to use the camera. Grr. It doesn't feel like a proper blog post if un-illustrated but here I am doing it anyway.
I will read the instructions at some point, I promise. I do finish things. Just... late.
In the meantime, my 'to do' list includes cleaning the insides of all the windows, cleaning the oven, sorting through my inbox, updating my diary and making a carrot cake.
Instead, I am on the computer this evening all layered up against the bitter cold snap we're enduring (the daffodils aren't liking it either). And I naughtily ordered some second-hand cook books last week so I'm about to head up to bed early with a cookbook and a notebook in hand. Truly, one of my most favourite and indulgent things to do is to read a cookbook in bed. So much for the housework.
Ho hum.

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