Monday, 19 March 2012

Nine things

The week that was; the week that will be. And I have a very excited post for you today...
Michael Miller's 'cake' fabric, found at eQuilter.
  1. My blog has passed its one year birthday and its 1000 page views milestone. I was mucho excited until I read on the Smile & Wave blog that it gets 3,500-6,000 hits a day. I have 1,000 in a year. Ho hum.
  2. My sewing corner is done! I see it and it looks like heaven. I work in it and it feels like heaven. I hope to show you some photos later this week.
  3. My parents came last week and it was just lovely. Happy Mother's Day to my fabulous mother, and a happy Mother's Day for me, spending it with them and my boys.
  4. Fabric arrived in the post and my mum brought me all the vintage fabric she had selflessly let me steal from her stash. I now have a mountain of fabric and that mountain touches heaven.
  5. When the posted fabric arrived, the two-year-old said "Mummy, this fabric is mine and you can make me bags with it!" I love that this is so much a part of his world. He ran around the room trailing fabric in the air behind him, throwing it into concertina piles and rolling in it. He acted out how I felt.
  6. What he didn't know is that the fabric is for the Tiny One's quilt and I plan to start it this week. Not at all nervous about my first quilting foray. Chomping at the bit.
  7. I also got the book, The Craft Business Handbook, and am two chapters in. Yes readers, this hobbyist is planning on turning her passion into her vocation. Currently, I am stuck with the precarious balancing act of stay-at-home mum versus emerging self-employed sewist. Not sure yet how these two full-time jobs will squeeze into one full-time person, but we shall see.
  8. Today I have been a full-time grump of the shouty, impatient, exhausted variety. These moments writing with the babes in bed are bringing me back to myself and I am inhaling it.
  9. Interestingly, I am working really hard on getting more organised, sorted and scheduled in my life. For some, this would provide rigidity of the stifling variety. For me, I am finding it is settling me down while inviting my mind to dance and soar with creativity.

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  1. What a great list, love number 8 and really relate to it, I can't bear the idea that one day the children will go to bed later than 6:30! Have a wonderful week and enjoy cutting that fabric.


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