Wednesday, 21 December 2011

7 days til Christmas

7 days to go! The giant Christmas baubles have been sewn. I am so chuffed...
No idea where the idea came from, but there it was singing to me one morning and I thought the baubles such a pretty idea, I went with it.

I made four. Two (greedily) for me and two for friends. They are red gingham on the back, and lace appliqued on the front. It was (would you believe) my first time sewing around a circle, which means they are not quite as regular as I'd like. But in the spirit of Christmas, I am focusing on forgiveness this year - mostly of myself which is somewhat of a novelty for me. So I don't mind. I'm just chuffed they're made and are as jaunty and as sublimely ridiculous as they are.

Today was also a day of mundane but long-overdue jobs being done, like the shower finally being sorted; the wardrobe back to its long-ago neat self; the boxes of toys back in order. And it ended with a roast chicken. Which is how most Sunday's should end, I think.

Let the Christmas week begin!

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