Tuesday 1 March 2011

Spring & the beginning

Today is the first of March, the first month in the trio of spring months and it seems as apt a day as any to take the plunge and start writing something.

At the weekend the very first spring colour appeared in our garden. Yesterday my husband took a picture for me and today, in chilly but promising sunshine the crocus has opened to say hello. Thus so shall I!

I have been searching for the things that make me happy and fulfilled, for the life I want to live, and for a way to make it a vocation (hopefully). This Christmas gone I finally felt I had found my answers:
  • My family: loving them, nurturing them, learning from them, being with them.
  • Domesticity: cooking, baking, sewing, making, and all the things that make this house feel like a home and these days feel like a life. Being a homemaker is not a default, a leftover or a bottom rung. It is the way you wrap your family in your arms every day, and let them fly away when they need to.
  • Nature: the birds, animals, flora and fauna, and all the weather and seasons that frame them. The first daffodil of spring brings enough joy to almost knock me over. I hope I never get cynical or jaded enough to stop noticing it.
So I have set myself the challenge of living the life I dream of this year, and I hope for the years to come. I made a list! (I am one of life's list makers; can't decide if that's embarrassing or something to be proud of!)

This is the year that I will:
-        learn to sew and buy a sewing machine
-        keep cooking and bake more
-        make a quilt bedspread for the little one's bed
-        spend more time outside in nature, and bring it inside with me
-        make all my cards myself
-        ditto for presents, as much as possible
-        learn to decorate fairy cakes
-        embrace the domestic life, for nothing else fulfils me more
-        nurture my two - maybe three (one month to go til baby #3 lands) - lovely boys
-        try not to drown in the early weeks of new motherhood, but accept I probably will!
-        try to have a bit of a babymoon
-        live with the seasons, and revel in the year's celebrations of them
-        find more time for my boys
-        ... and more time for me
-        write, write, write
-        finally read a book again!
-        make cushions for the house
-        always have a vase of flowers or foliage in the house, ideally found not bought
-        appreciate the simple joys in life
-        and with all this, be happy.

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