Friday, 9 December 2011

Been bagging

I've made a few bags I haven't shown you. The one on the left was for a good friend of mine. I love the colours (bit of a mustard fan; get it from my mum). But I made it while a little time-poor and if I could do it again I'd make it with a lining too, to stiffen it up a bit and make it more practical.
The bag on the right is a sweet little bag, only about 20cm across, for a little girl I know who's turned two. Apparently she keeps trying to take it everywhere! I was really pleased with it, despite the inside being a bit scruffy. It's such a pretty little thing, and as I've said before, two-year-olds do love a little bag. Lots of 'little's' in this paragraph!
And this bag is number 5 of the seven little bags I'm making, which again I've written about before. Number 6 is made but neither photographed nor gifted yet. I'll have to get on it! Number 7 is for my own Little One. I'm thinking it will now have to wait for Christmas. Speaking which, I am SO not ready. I have just read Molly's post jealously, as she writes about being ready to slow the pace and hunker down ready for Christmas. I, on the other hand, am ready to quicken the pace and get in gear for some major last-minute present making. Oh the stress! But I can't complain. I am slightly addicted to Christmas and can never resent it.
I had to show you the statement fabric I used in the bag a little closer-up. I am so in love with it! The colours, the tea-party theme. Looking at it has made me realise that I don't even own a teapot. This is a sorry, negligent state of affairs. I may not be a black-tea drinker but I am certainly a teapot-owner type of person. And I can always make my favourite green tea in it.

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