Thursday, 7 July 2011

A sewing frenzy

I've been on a sewing frenzy. I can't tell you how lovely it has felt to feel the fabric under my fingers again, passing rhythmically through the sewing machine's foot as it stamps and dances down the bags I have made. The parallel lines, the carefully chosen colours, the 'hmmm, what can I do with this?' feeling... I'm so lucky that my selfless present-making is really such a selfish indulgence.

The Little One met six other little friends when they were all babies at postnatal group. We still meet once a week, and they all have their birthdays within 2-3 months of each other. This is what started my little sewing frenzy. And these are the first of seven little bags I will be making (four down, three to go), each with the child's initial on them, each edged in Eleanor Grosch's beautiful Zoo Menagerie fabric, and each with the straps sewn stiffly into the sides to hold the bags slightly open (to make it easier for little hands to delve in and out, rather than the usual struggling to separate sides).

Bags 1-4 gratefully received so far. I still have my own little man's bag to make - he's a bit bonkers about yellow at the moment, and I don't have any yellow fabric to hand. Excuse for another few hours spent perusing the long list of fabrics on Ebay perchance?!

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