Thursday, 8 December 2011


Look! This was 3 days ago. That's how long it takes me to get round to uploading & posting.

3 days ago hail fell. It looks like snow in the picture but it's an accumulation of various hailstorms. The hats were uprooted from their stores. The children were getting better (it's cold season in both senses of the word). The husband was home. Good times.

2 days ago the hail was replaced by a little snow. The Little One kicked every bit of snow on his way to music group. We had soup for lunch and a lovely Middle-Eastern-leaning dinner of couscous with chickpeas, griddled aubergine with pomegranate, tomato salad and orange-marinated lamb.

1 day ago the snow and hail was mostly gone, save for the hilltops and wind-shadows. The wind was crazy - gales hitting the north. The Little One got suddenly worse again, was spectacularly sick on the doctor's waiting room floor, and got antibiotics. But it's yellow medicine for a yellow-obsessed boy, so he's quite pleased about the illness now.

And today I am being shouted at by same Little One to 'come upstairs' as I quickly catch up on the net having done the housework (couldn't do a thing yesterday due to a miserable little boy). The Big One is upstairs in bed, also ill. The Tiny One has replaced his cold with vigorous teething. And the husband is at work while barely functioning due to a very grotty cold and little sleep. Good times.

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