Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sewing softies

I have been making toys. I hadn't done it before, and I worked from my imagination rather than patterns. But they went quite well. I think I have the bug!

I made this horse for a friend's little girl. Her name begins with 'H', hence the horse. There's a theme here, and I got a little carried away!
Then I added ribbons for the ears, hair and tail as I know from my own Tiny One that ribbons, labels and the like are pretty irresistible to babies. I'm hoping they get very soggy.

I think I have a thing for buttons myself. They keep appearing on bags, toys and all sorts when I sew. I think they make rather lovely eyes. Don't you?

The first toy I made was this winking cat, for a little boy who's name begins with a 'C'. Yes, there's the theme again.

My Little One was a bit perturbed by his lack of legs, but if you've ever looked at a sat pussy, you'll see his lower legs merge somewhat. So I am unperturbed!

I am actually rather chuffed with the blanket stitch. I haven't done it since primary school. Yes, I am revealing what a novice, make-it-up-as-you-go-along sew-er I really am. But I don't mind. Admitting my sewing innocence seems to inoculate me from the self-berating I would otherwise get for all my mistakes.

Lastly let me show you my favourite, the jellyfish. It's a gift for a baby whose name begins with 'J'. Let me tell you, there are not many well-know 'J' animals.

I got the idea for the tentacles from some amazing decorations in my local John Lewis, where all their fabrics had been jellyfished like giant umbrellas with multiple, squirmy tentacles.

I'm rather pleased. I think she looks quite friendly and satisfied for a jellyfish, and quite fun for a baby to look at. Her underside is a lovely soft fleece.
By the way, I know it is nearly Christmas and I have barely mentioned it. I am glorifying in it as usual, but I am completely unprepared and disorganised and so, until I am both, I am ignoring it a little. At least on the blogosphere. But I do hope to show you something very soon.

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