Monday, 14 May 2012

Bank holiday eating

I'm not doing too many cooking posts these days, just sticking to baking. But since it was a Bank Holiday weekend, and the lovely husband's birthday, I thought I'd show you some of what we fed him...
Duck salad from Jamie's 30min Meals. It was really delicious, especially as duck isn't something that crops up very often for us. I bulked it out with some plain rice and some sweet potato chips (you have to have these, they really helped complete the meal). The Little One decided he really liked garlic bread. And his pomegranate obsession continued!

We had a prosciutto & melon salad for lunch one day (same book), followed by bread and cheeses. The salad was really good - amazing how a little basil dressing completely changes the bog-standard melon-wrapped-in-ham experience.
And for another lunch, Superb Squash Soup with giant croutons, from a different Jamie book and, again, delicious. We do like a bit of Jamie. We eat a lot of his recipes and the chance of us not liking one, finding it too complicated, or it not filling us up enough is very, very unlikely. In fact, it's hardly ever happened. He's always reliable, our Jamie.
We ate other things of course, but didn't photograph them. If they're not snapped, they don't exist! You really should try all three of these recipes. All are great for entertaining, or just for a pimped-up meal at home

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