Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Thank you kindly

Little time, lots of thank you's needed. How do you send a meaningful 'thank you' when the child doing the thanking can't speak, when the parent thanking on their behalf wants to make it thoughtful, but when the thought of fitting in 14 home-made thank you cards is just, well... too much?

Answer: see above. It's a little thing, this drawing round a baby's hand in card, this cutting out around his finger images, this printing a little phrase, and this tracing around a little hand cut-out in a pen shaded baby blue.

But it's a big thing to say thank you. A meant thing. And I'm so glad I did it - not just the thanking, but the method. Because that little hand - with its baby blue pen marks - is now sitting by my sewing table reminding me of how lucky I am. One day I'm going to hold that little, chubby cardboard hand against the large, strong hand of a boy turning into a man. And smile.

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