Thursday, 1 March 2012

And spring comes Marching in

Oh joy! Yesterday was beautifully moody, with mist settled on the hilltops, drizzle in the air and a painted grey sky. Today - spring! Yes the daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops were already out yesterday (we're having the earliest spring we've had up north since moving up over three years ago). But they didn't look truly spring-like til the sun hit them this morning. Ping, all their lights came on!

 I have some grey shots from yesterday to show you. Today's will have to wait (the lovely husband, a.k.a my photographer, is shut in the playroom revising for his Big Exam at work).
And I also want to tell you that this post, this joy, this burst of spring comes courtesy of a lovely, lovely friend. She brought the bulbs when the season and my mood was wintry. She helped me plant them. She's a walking spring herself - nothing but kindness, selflessness and thoughtfulness. She has seen me through many a dark patch, and however murky she may be feeling she always gives me the gift of spring sunshine. I am so lucky to have her. Of all my friends, she is the one who has always given the most, to whom I want to give the most back, who deserves the most yet asks for the least. This post is a small thank you to her. I could not have got here without her, and I don't want to travel anywhere else in my life without having her in it.

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