Monday, 5 March 2012

Shhh, and close your eyes

Things have been a little quiet around here in my blog life. This is because there is nothing for you to look at.

The lovely husband, chief photographer for this site, has been on study leave. He is revising for his Big Exam at work (tomorrow). I haven't the audacity to invite myself into his bad books by nagging him for photographs. As you will realise from this post, blog narratives need illustrating.

Yes, I could take the photos myself. But he's a little possessive over his dSLR - and I know how I feel about my writing and sewing - so I don't like to tread on his creative foot too much. As you may remember, my camera's broken. Possibly dead.

So I will continue to be a little quiet and a un-illustrated for a day or two yet, and then it's full steam ahead again.

Wish him luck. Did I mention he's quite lovely? And he deserves it.

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