Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Ah, February, the month of love. And on its last (leap!) day, a little look back...

We had a bit of a damp squib of a Valentines, but only in events - not in emotion. We woke, suitably, to a pink morning. I had made a card with PVA and fabric. This is my new favourite card-making technique! Nothing like a bit of PVA to make you feel crafty and put you in touch with your inner child. The children were ill and so was the husband, but we got to have a meal together. Togetherness is all that you need, really.

I don't go in for the commerciality of Valentines, but I do go in for the sentiment. Yes, we should love and enjoy one another all year round, but life does get in the way sometimes. Just as a birthday sets aside a day in the year to celebrate someone's existence, and Christmas gives you a (few) days to celebrate family and midwinter (and other religious things, should you be so inclined), Valentines gives you a day to celebrate and enjoy loving someone and being loved. It's a good thing to remember and, if lucky, wallow in.

If you had no one to share it with, I hope you remembered to love yourself instead - ideally with cake!

February is also a month for other kinds of loving. The birds and ducks have been doing quite a bit of chasing and playing hard-to-get. In our neck of the woods, ducklings will be converted from twinkles in eyes to promises in duck bellies, but unfortunately the herons will ensure they don't get a lot further than ducklings. The birds have better odds, and I have plans for making them a lot more welcome in our garden. Any ideas for recycled, free bird feeders anyone?

I think February is also a month where, although fed up of winter and ready for spring, you can really enjoy the last frosty days as you know they're ending. It's a bit like how it is with our youngest, for we know the Tiny One will be the last babe in our wood, and thus we enjoy him and his loveliness all the more, knowing that the troubles of babyhood are being endured for the last time. I say endured but, to be honest, at ten months old he's so settled and himself, and we're so knowing of him and potty about him that it is pretty rare to get a day that feels like endurance any more.

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