Monday, 19 December 2011

12 days til Christmas

Yes, I know there aren't twelve days til Christmas. There are six. Oh my goodness! But I planned to write a twelve days-themed set of posts so - better late than never - I'm going to do it. And in any case, this post shows you what happened when there were twelve days to go...
I made paper chains. Two long lengths to string from the front room in our house. I am having a bit of a Scandinavian Christmas this year. Not intentionally, it's just that I've become irresistibly drawn to the red-and-white colour scheme and so have decided to go with the obsession.

The Little One 'helped' me. I made the decorations from cut-up-and-Pritt-sticked sugar paper, so that was not the best task for a two-year-old. But he was fabulous at holding an end to measure if they were long enough, climbing the ladder to tell me whether it was safe for me to do so, and standing on the odd chain link or two! It's hard to tell from the picture, but the links are thicker than your usual shop-bought chains, and I'm rather in love with them.

Christmas is going to be a bit more home-made than usual this year. Just because I can. It is also our first Christmas at home with the two littler ones, the Tiny One's first Christmas, and my first Christmas doing the Big Dinner Cooking. Lots of firsts, lots of excitement, and I am regularly skipping round the kitchen dancing to Christmassy tunes from Sinatra, Doris Day and their contemporaries. The joy has landed!

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  1. Love the paper chains! And I'm with you on the red and white this year - at least, that's what this Christmas looks like in my head. In reality it is a mismatch of many many colours!


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