Tuesday, 20 December 2011

9 days til Christmas

I made my own Christmas cards this year. Yes, red and white - the Scandinavian theme continues. I used a couple of pastry cutters dipped in red paint. And then (you can't see this, I photographed them before the urge came upon me) I wrote 'twinkle' on them in silver. But I have now decided I prefer them without. At least the photo captures the no-longer-existing simpler version.

I wasn't as neat, as inventive, or as effective as I had hoped. Better next year! And I ran out of card so about a third of my Christmas card list is going to have to make do with cheap shop-bought cards after all. But for a couple of hours one evening, fulfilling my making dreams, I don't think they're that bad. Granted, they're not sell-to-someone quality. But I think they're give-to-someone thoughtfully. And that will do me this year.

This Christmas is about rounding off a sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly year with a return to the dreams of last year, and hopefully the living of some of them. It is not about perfection, getting to the end of the 'to do' list, or anyone else's expectations. I want to enjoy myself pottering about with a needle and thread, holly and ribbon, paint and card, fir and decoration. I want to be with my family, focus on my family, and hold dear my friends and relations. I will be wrapping us all up in a metaphorical big red Christmassy bow. Next year I will be less metaphorical, more reality. Next year I will let my Country Living snobbery get the better of me. This year is the simple, the jingle bells and the joy.

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  1. Jingle bells and joy? I'll take some of that too, please x


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