Tuesday, 20 December 2011

8 days til Christmas

When there were eight days to go, we finally - finally - bought the tree and did the decorating. The picture doesn't do it justice as most of the decorations are faded out against the tree, but here it is anyway:
I only had a brief Scrooge moment complaining about the ridiculous inflation in Christmas tree prices. Then I returned to unabashed, wallowing Christmas joy. The Big One and I decorated the tree together. It is a little tradition of ours and I'm not sure how much longer it will last before adolescence claims him. So I enjoyed it while I still could.

Our lights are very old Ikea mini paper ball lights, not intended for Christmas tree use at all but so, so lovely and unusual that they trim our tree every year. Although I'd change the white wire if I could. It's the details! I am, like Domesticali, a bit neurotic about the Christmas tree. The Big One has been learning about spacing of decorations, colours, types... I should stop before I embarrass myself. I promise I let him do some and I don't rearrange after he's gone!

I am wondering... is tinsel necessary and enjoyably kitsch or tacky? Because I'm thinking the tree may look a little bare without it. What I really want is strings upon strings of alternately threaded popcorn and cranberries, but I can't manage to justify the cranberry costs. Oh well.

We also went on a lovely local walk with our three boys in the snow. Beautiful! I'm ashamed to say it was the first time in a few years that I've had my childish snow-excitement back. Usually I can't look at it falling without anxiously knowing it means tumbling children, being stuck in the village, and the need to have enough food in while we can't get the car up the road. Where we live the snow turns to compacted ice soon after being walked on and takes days and days to thaw. I now feel compelled to also tell you that the Little One managed a spectacular misery-tantrum the entire return leg of the walk and no longer likes the snow either. A shattered idyll!

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