Tuesday, 20 December 2011

10 days til Christmas

When there were ten days to go, I started making these...
Seven (yes I know there are only six here - I've already gifted one) Christmas star decorations. One for me, six for presents. Red on the back, red gingham on the front, with lovely Scandinavian ribbons and neutral buttons sewn on too.

Before you ask (and everyone who's seen them has), they are deliberately skew-wiff. I would have spent a lot of time (that I don't have) with a ruler and compass trying to get them perfect otherwise. So I drew them freehand and I think I prefer the results anyway. The Tiny One has been trying to get his hands on them ever since they were finished! He is one week into crawling and already fast, committed and determined!

I also made soup. Not sure why I need to show it here, but the green colour was so splendidly spring-like in the midst of the snow here this winter that I had to photograph it. It is pea and courgette, which doesn't sound that interesting, but with ham stock and herbs to lift it it was glorious. It put quite a spring in my step. Boom, boom.

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