Thursday, 19 September 2013


One blogging mojo. Last seen earlier this year. Likely to be whizzing about in the ether somewhere. If you catch it, please box it up before it zips off again. Return to sender.
One sewing groove. Last seen at the start of summer. Likely to have crawled under the floorboards somewhere in shame. Appears to think it is a bit useless. If you spot it, please scoop up, soothe, whisper platitudes and the box it up before it skulks off when you're not looking (it does that). Return to sender.
Request: one pair of binoculars and one magnifying glass to search for the above. I will await the postman in case one of you finds either. If I find them, I will let you know. Get your beady eyes out people.

1 comment:

  1. Don't lose heart or be hard on yourself. You will find both again if you search long enough. You have time. Look forward to next musings. whenever it may be. Take care.


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