Friday, 16 August 2013

Sewing: a blue zoo quilt for the Tiny One

I'm giving you a sneak peek. My husband's on stand-by to take some proper photos but here, with my poor phone photographing skills, is a little view from the Tiny One's bedroom floor of his new quilt.
I finished it in record time. My guess is that, if I didn't have to sew in fits and starts and if someone babysat my boys, I could make a single-size quilt in a day. Not sure that'll ever happen though!
All three of my boys now lie under quilts made by their mother's hand. It is what my sewing is all about really: my creativity and crafting making things that are useful and good and giving. My heart goes into what I sew, and then a small piece of my heart stays with them each night as they lie alone in their beds. Although I have to say that this poetry is slightly rose-tinted: it's not that rare for me to be in their beds too, trying to get them back to a deep sleep so they don't disturb anyone else!
There's a happy middle ground between the ideal/idyll and the reality in both parenting and sewing. I'm snuggling in there for the long term.


  1. Gorgeous quilt, such a lovely thing for your boys to sleep under something I'm sure they will cherish for along time.

  2. Blue is my favorite color for bed sheets, pillow cases and quilts. It is very comforting. Haha! Good choice!


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