Saturday, 23 March 2013

Nice Spring if you can get it

This was a week ago, early one morning.
I won't even bother showing you today. It's too depressing. There's a blizzard outside, several inches of snow and over a foot banked up in places. A bitterly cold easterly wind is roaring through the valley. It is sending the snow under our roof slates and there are buckets catching all the drips from our attic ceilings. It will take some time to dry out when all this weather's calmed down, and then of course there will be the cost of re-tiling our roof. We've had leaks before but this is by far the worst. I am trying to remain philosophical about it.
In other news...
: : I finished sewing my parents' quilt and gifted it to them. No photos. I'm having a strange photo famine at the moment that I need to make an effort to rectify.
: : I'm sewing a quilt for my brother now. And there's another one waiting in the wings for my auntie.
: : The two little boys are their own little gang. Watching them play together is just heaven on earth. The occasional squabbles are not. But then, of course, no siblings grow up without squabbles.
: : Our windows are also leaking. Our boiler broke. So did our fridge-freezer (four times), needing replacing. And our outside drain was badly blocked for sometime before the nice man came and jet washed it (but left a pipe facing upwards, causing the water from our sink to back up and flood under the cabinet and causing the aforementioned boiler to break). Trouble doesn't come in three's. The stress levels are undulating. The bank balance is sinking. I am trying to have an 'oh well' attitude about it.
: : I am typing this with a Little One on one side and a Tiny One on the other. Both are alternating between interfering with my typing, playing with toys on the desk, and practising their counting. I think I may have to vacate the computer rapidly!
: : Nearly Easter. Nearly the Tiny One's second birthday (oh my).
: : And time for me to decide whether to ramp this blogging up a gear or finish it altogether.
On that note, and with a nagging boy desperate to get on Word to type numbers in different colours, I shall leave you.

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