Thursday, 28 March 2013

Musings: let's make a list

No this isn't a sand dune. This is snow. This is what spring looks like so far.
And in this weather, the Easter holidays are beginning. 17 days to fill with the boys: keeping us all happy and enjoying each other while the weather says "stay inside!" and "ditch your plans!"
I'm making a list anyway. I've got just over two weeks, and I want to keep them happy, me happy, and keep our world turning round...
: : The boring stuff first: having had all the chaps round, we need to choose a roofer to completely re-slate our leaking house-lid, a joiner to replace our leaky, rotting and drafty windows, and a builder to knock down our can't-open-the-passenger-side-doors-so-the-kids-have-to-exit-into-the-road front wall. Then we have to figure how to pay for it all, and schedule it all in.
: : It's going to be Easter! There are going to be some home-made hot cross buns and chocolate nest cakes baked, some felt decorations strung up, and an Easter tree made (if we can brave the arctic wind in order to grab some branches.)
: : The Tiny One turns two! Oh where did all the time go? But he's so ready for it, and we want to make it a day to remember. There are presents to wrap, cards to make and a cake to bake. He's asked for a satsuma cake (!!) Can't disappoint. And we have a surprise trip lined up for him [zipped lips].
: : Then, once he's had a few days to calm down and play with his presents, we're throwing him a little low-key bash with toy playing, cake eating, and chums dropping in. I need to plan some fire-fighting type decorations, bake some biscuits, stock up on the caffeine (for the grown ups!) and make another cake. We've chosen (predictably) a fire engine. But I don't want to use food colouring as he's so little. Time for some cunning plans.
: : I'm taking Elsie & Elise's blog (design) love e-course. I've decided to keep blogging, keep the unimpressive frequency of blogging, but take the design up a gear. You have been warned.
: : In order to do so, I need to spend quite a bit of time designing things on the computer, and book the lovely husband in for a photo session or two.
: : I also need to read the instructions for my smartphone's camera and work out how I can take half-way decent, stylised photos with a camera phone myself (since the lovely husband's photographing and my blogging are not coinciding enough.)
: : My parents are coming up. Let's plan some day trips.
: : And for the boys, some art sessions, baking sessions, and play dates. We need to focus on things we can do indoors that keep ringing the changes. They'd just get miserable if out in that arctic wind for too long. But I think we can plan for a couple of day trips to indoor museums or similar.
: : I've got stuff to do for my local baby & toddler group. Uninteresting for readers of this list, but if it doesn't go in here, it'll get forgotten about.
: : I have three quilts to make and I'm only in the cutting stages of the first one. Exciting but I just know I'm going to get disappointed as usual in my sewing plans. Tomorrow I hope to lay all the pieces out, play with their location, re-iron them all then start sewing up. Ha ha ha, like all that will be allowed to happen!
: : I also have a sewing commission to complete and a commission to scope out.
: : Not enough yet?! There's upholstery fabric to buy, an Ikea trip to make and an overnight trip to my mother-in-law's. Plus friends to catch up with, in person or by phone.
I feel tired just looking at it all. Better get started.

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