Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Making: Christmas presents for children

Hello friends.

Christmas is very over. So over that the decorations are boxed up, the tree keeps staring at me from the ginnel* and making me feel guilty (I feel like I have 'tree murderer' tattooed on my forehead), and I've started thinking about next Christmas! Oh, you don't do that too? Time to bow my head in shame and skulk into the corner.
But if you do think of the next Christmas to come, and all the things you meant to do this year and didn't get around to, then I'll show you some of the childrens' presents I made. In fact, they're great things to make for birthdays all year round, so let's forget the embarrassing pre-pre-Christmas planning and show you some pictures...
I made this monster drawing tote for a friend's little boy. Don't you just love the crayon teeth?! Sadly, I can't take the credit as I saw a similar bag on pinterest and decided to make my own version. Here's the original, made by Marigold of Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!
But then, feeling pretty inspired, I decided to make a monster-less pretty bag as well. I used some lovely Jemima Puddle-Duck fabric. All the bags I made have a sketchbook inside that I made just the way you did back in primary school - thick thread, running stitch down the spine to hold the pages together, hey presto!

The totes are fully lined (in a brushed-cotton baby blanket that once wrapped all three of my boys in turn) and came together in an hour or two. The felt crayon pockets took quite a while on top of that though, although annoyingly I've now seen that the original monster bag tutorial (which I hadn't seen at the time) has a much easier and quicker way to sew them. File that for next time!
I have more pictures to show you (the Christmas that keeps on giving) but they can wait until next time. 
*Ginnel: northern term meaning a passageway between houses

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