Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Little One's boy drive & dig quilt

I've finally got around to showing you... I made the Little One a quilt. It covers his single size bed. It has lots of yellow (favourite colour), cars, diggers, cranes, and other driving and digging paraphernalia! Yes, I have a builder-obsessed pre-schooler.
 Those are my hands, in case you wondered. Yes, they are very little.
And there's the mustard back. Please don't look too closely or you'll see a lot of wonky lines and a few little puckers where they shouldn't be! But it was my first proper single quilt, so I'm being kind to myself about it. I made it with the quilt-as-you-go method. I'd recommend it, but only if you have a cutting mat, quilter's ruler and rotary cutter. I have these now, I didn't then, and look at all that wonky!
PS I have the quilting bug really badly.
PPS It's December already. Did you notice? I didn't. I am so behind in my present sewing. So I'm off to my sewing corner now.


  1. It looks great - well done. A cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter are quite a revelation and then you wonder how you managed without them! I look forward to seeing the next quilt!

    1. Thank you Mary. Already making the next quilt!


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