Monday, 19 November 2012

Paris, mon amour

We went to Paris.
It was the longest time we'd spent together, minus children, in five years.
Five years earlier we got married, and our time alone together was our honeymoon. Oh Paris, what a lovely way to spend an anniversary.
I have to tell you, Paris, that I'm in love with you. So is the lovely husband. We want to come back.
I'll tell you something else: we discovered we're still in love with all the same things we loved pre-living in toddler world. Pottering through churches, getting eye-drunk in art galleries, little quirky boutiques, architecture, culture, lazy lunches in cafes, impressive dinners in restaurants, too much walking, and philosophical discussions about our lives.
We are also still in love with each other. Head over heels. Not bad after nine years together.
There's still a little Paris clinging on to us. It took me two weeks to bring myself to clean the Paris dust off my shoes. I'm not planning on dusting off my heart any time soon.
That's a little Monet-inspired triptych for you. Wait for us, Paris. One day we'll be back.
(Pictures, top to bottom and left to right: The Eiffel Tower from the Pont Alexandre III; vintage car near the Grand Palais; Champ de Mars from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower; the Champs Elysees; Eiffel Tower; the oldest working clock in Paris, on the Palais de Justice; inside Notre Dame; the Memorial des Martyrs de la Deportation; chalk-board sign at the famous bookshop, Shakespeare & Company; the ceiling of Sainte Chapelle; the Eiffel Tower at night.)
All photos by my talented husband except the last, slightly rubbish phone photos of Eiffel Tower.

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