Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trick or treat

Completely useless title for this post: yes, it's Halloween; but no, I've nothing Halloweeny for you. Patience my friends! I am, however, showing you a statue from Chatsworth that I think would make a fabulous costume... one to hold in the bank until the kids are bigger I think. It's a Barry Flanagan sculpture from an exhibition that has just ended. We loved it.
Anyway, to business. Shall we catch up on some sewing? I was a bit poorly in August, but September saw the following creations:

More name bunting, for another new arrival. I couldn't tell you what all the fabric is anymore, though I hope you'll recognise Miffy in the 'O'. The red check is from Ikea and the beautiful green tigers behind bars are from Eleanor Grosch's Zoo Menagerie collection, which I purchased here.
I also made a 'man bag' (for want of a better term - yes, I know the better term is messenger bag) for my littlest brother. It is the best thing I've ever sewn, technically speaking, and the pattern was from Mollie Makes issue ten. The original design was quite 'shabby chic' but that won't do for a non-shabby man! So I went with some masculine Ikea fabrics with a hint of deckchair about them.

I'm especially proud of the lining and the inner pocket. Now here's the embarrassing confession: I've not sewn an inner pocket before. Or a lining for a bag. Or curved corners. Or, wait for it...

A buttonhole. But now I've done it all, I'm hoping I can progress from novice sewist to beginner sewist. Only 43 more rungs to climb then! (Oh I wish I could say I was daunted but actually I'm desperate to get back on the sewing machine. I'm quite pathetically addicted).

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