Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sewing gifts

I'll show you some of the gifts I've been making...

These tote bags are for the daughters of a friend. They both have the child's initial sewn on. The girls are little, and so are the bags - about 25cm long. I've made a few recently. I do like a bag! The fabric on the right is Ikea. I think it's really fun for little girl sewing projects. I wanted to give you a link but it seems they don't make it anymore.

This felt mobile is also for a friend's daughter. Not too hard to make but so effective. It's currently hung in my front window where I sew, and I haven't yet managed to part with it! Just cut out your felt shapes, thread your sewing machine with two contrasting colours (one for the needle, one for the bobbin), and start sewing through them, lining each new piece up as you go. Make sure you leave a good tail at the top to make a loop. And pop a bead weight on the bottom to make sure it hangs well. I've got a lot of plans for this technique.

PS This is my first post from an early morning blogging session (see Nine Things). Got up at 5.50. Let's see how long this lasts before I start falling asleep at the breakfast table!

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  1. Mörkt from Ikea is my fav summer gift this year. I needed to stock up on some summer gifts for the teachers at our school. Just love the color. They also got it in a nice vintage green but that one is always sold out. unusual birthday gifts


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