Monday, 7 May 2012

Nine things

The week that was; the week that will be
Lotta Jansdotter's 'Moira' in apricot, from the Echo collection & found here
  1. We had a lovely walk, just myself and the two littler boys, across a gorge and up into town. There, we visited charity shops to buy provisions for our village May Queen celebrations (and toys too, of course), and checked out our new lovely greengrocers (wicker baskets!).
  2. The lovely husband and I talked about ways to better manage our time, so that I can concentrate more on the sewing.
  3. The Big One joined the army cadets. Downside: I'm not so into the soldier thing. Upside: discipline, sport and community. Good things for a teenage boy to be doing.
  4. The two littler ones have been hard work. Tantrums and arguments. The Tiny One certainly knows how to stand up for himself now.
  5. I baked a lovely rhubarb and stem ginger crumble. But we gobbled it up so fast, I forgot to photograph it to show you.
  6. Finally ordered a new phone, with a decent camera. This is my solution to the whole blogging-without-a-camera problem, when I have to rely on a lovely but forgetful/busy/opinionated(!) husband to take blog photos for me.
  7. The Bank Holiday weekend has mostly been filled with walking and cooking. The cooking has been good. So far, I have made the crumble, squash soup, hot dogs with homemade ketchup, prosciutto & melon salad, lemon meringue cake, fish pie, and boiled ham with pease pudding. I have so enjoyed myself!
  8. This week I plan to focus on more sewing and more friend-seeing/calling.
  9. And I'm aiming to try getting up at 5.30 for a bit of 'me time' or sewing/blogging before the little ones wake. I know, I'm going to be knackered. But the Tiny One wakes around then anyway, and if he's not gone back to sleep by 6.15/6.30, I have to give up and get him up. I have come to accept and not feel guilty about needing to start the day with time to myself. I just need a bit of 'me' before I spend my whole day devoted to everyone and everything else. Dawn it is, then.

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