Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birthday lemon cake anyone?

So it was the lovely husband's birthday. He loves lemon meringue pie, so naturally I made Nigella's lemon meringue cake from Feast. Except I was being a fancy pants so I made the lemon curd too.

Oh gosh. This is one you have to make. Go look at the one on Nigella's site, it's much prettier than mine. It tastes so good and unfortunately is lovely and light, which means you can't avoid having a second slice. Even worse, it looks like a faff (a sponge topped with a meringue, times two) but it is much easier to make than you'd imagine. Obviously, it's no Victoria sponge. But it's doable, even with homemade lemon curd (based on the passion-fruit curd on the next page in Feast - enough for a jar of leftovers, hoorah!).

Advice? If you make it, tightly clingfilm it to the plate and whack back in the fridge once you're done eating the first time. Otherwise, with all that cream and curd filling the cake, you'll watch the top very slowly sliding off. Luckily we caught ours in time! Fridge cold, it's not at such a risk as the filling is so much more solid. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Happy birthday lovely husband. Thanks for the photos! Now I'm off to eat homemade lemon curd on toast for breakfast.

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