Thursday, 26 April 2012

A reel happy ending

You may think this is an uneventful, uninteresting picture. From your point of view, you'd probably be right! But this is the first spool of thread that I've ever got to the end of. And it feels sort of monumental (if any monumental thing can ever be a 'sort of').

Suddenly I feel like a real sewist. I feel like I have experience behind me. I feel like I've gone from novice to beginner. Okay, beginner's still a long way from experienced, but it's also a good leap on from novice.

I have an idea about what tension is (tension to a sewist is like the offside rule to a football/soccer fan). I can make a guesstimate about appropriate needle size (though I've only just learnt about it). I know what a fat quarter is. I could manage a couple of different seam finishes. I've sewn a buttonhole, though not yet a zip. I've sewn a quilt, I've made toys and mobiles, I've made cushions, and - oh! - so many bags. My fabric stash is toppling over, my sewing books are multiplying, my sewing machine's always out and waiting.

A page has turned, and the story's afoot.

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