Wednesday, 25 April 2012

And an echo from Easter

Has it been and gone already? Easter was over in a flash. I had so many ideas that stayed in my mind's eye and made it no further. Decided not to beat myself up over it - no one knew, no one minded. Rather than let them disappear, I have postponed. This Easter was a little underwhelming, but sort of lovely in its simplicity and ease.

This year...
  • Friends visited. Lovely, old friends. We caught up, shared surprise at rapidly ageing children, and dished out Easter eggs.
  • I made an Easter cake - Nigella's Easter Egg Cake from 'Feast' (sorry, can't find an online link). My boys and my friend's boys planted the eggs in it. It was good. But rich. Too rich really - will probably make a more child-friendly chocolate offering next year.
  • I made bread. Somehow it seemed Easterly appropriate. Something about the yeast I imagine.
  • We bought the children Easter gifts rather than chocolate. They get enough from elsewhere. The gifts came in egg packaging - how cool are these?!
Next year...
  • I'll make the felt bunnies and chicks that I bought felt for (it's still sat there staring at me), and garland some too.
  • There will be egg decorating, and French toasting with the blow-out.
  • I bought the ingredients to make my own hot cross buns this year (made them last year - worth it for the annual smug joy). Made none! Next year then.
  • And there will be more Easter eating. The boys will be the right age for nest cakes. And those cheap (boom, boom) fluffy chicks on everything.
  • I didn't get round to the Easter tree this year (it must be two years since I made one) - it required a walk with secateurs to find good shaped/sized budded twigs (but it kept raining). And me digging out the little pastel-coloured wooden eggs (but I know the Little One can't leave them alone). Next year!
I quite like this 'if I don't do it now, I'll do it someday' vibe.

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