Monday, 12 March 2012

Nine things

I am not very good at efficiency in writing. Or speaking. I'm efficient in other things maybe, but give me some language to play with and I'd rather say the same thing three flowery, clever ways than one concise one.

Which is why my 'week that was; week that will be' posts had nine items each and probably bored you all to tears. Answer: "ta-dah!" consolidate! You may have noticed the post has been missing for a few weeks anyway (been on pause here in the last month of husband-revision-fest).

So in the name of efficiency, while retaining the spirit of looking back and forwards, I give you 'nine things'...

  1. The Tiny One has been ill, almost concurrently, for about three months now. His poor little immune system. Currently he has a slight gammy eye and a very snotty cold. He is usually walking (well, crawling) sunshine. So it almost makes it worse to see him so poorly.
  2. The Little One has been fine for weeks. Until Saturday when he complained of tiredness, chilliness and achy-ness all afternoon, wouldn't eat at dinner, then was sick at bathtime. Oh for some good health. The Little One has, however, been enjoying dressing up as a knight, some very serious building activities, and actually sharing with his little brother.
  3. The Big One had shingles, but is now fine. He went out to play tennis with a chum yesterday, on the old court in the playpark. It must be spring! We are getting some bursts of 'Kevin the teenager'. A sign of things to come?
  4. The lovely husband has finished his exam, hoorah! But has to wait 2-3 weeks for the results. Yah, boo, hiss. We are all enjoying having his time and attention again.
  5. My sewing corner is half finished and awaiting the big unveil. My parents are coming on Mother's Day weekend and bringing a large table for me to borrow. I am so excited and so impatient! Room for a sewing machine and cutting out? Yes please.
  6. Sewing has, nevertheless, resumed on the kitchen table. Watch this space. I feel home again.
  7. A friend's baby was born last week, and another is due in a month. I have felt mobile plans to share with you. First I have the perfect excuse for some indulgent felt purchasing from my favourite felt place: Giant Dwarf. Eco-friendly wool-blend in canary, moss or rhubarb anyone? Yes please!
  8. We had lunch in the garden for the first time this year yesterday. Jumpers on, but glorious!
  9. Lastly, we are in the last month of the Tiny One's zero years, so some party planning is afoot. The lovely husband says 'no party please, he won't appreciate it'. So far, my response has been a silly face blowing a raspberry. In the nicest possible way! It'll be lovely for him to look back on, and I believe so lovingly in the rituals and celebrations that mark and punctuate the key moments of our life, the bedecked arches we travel through. The first birthday is such a milestone. Teddy bear's picnic here we come.

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