Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The week that was; the week that will be

Nine things times two: things I have done; things to do. Oh how I love a list!
Last week:
  1. It snowed a little. And then it thawed slowly.
  2. The two littler ones and I had a cough.
  3. ...And conjunctivitis.
  4. ...And a tummy bug. My planned Sunday afternoon sewing was instead spent in my pyjamas, lying down, feeling sick.
  5. All three boys, though, got to go sledging, snowballing and snowman-making with their daddy while I convalesced. Because it had snowed again. Two inches of fun.
  6. I became a little addicted to pinterest, and while the housework fell by the wayside, I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at the pinboards of other bloggers I follow. It became a bit obsessive. I have now put myself on a pinterest diet.
  7. We went, foolishly, to the local sandpit for some wintry digging. I was a sucker: the Little One had pleaded. Below the top few millimetres, the sand had become permafrost. Not only was digging futile, but the Little One declared himself too chilly and too fed up after two minutes. We warmed back up in a lovely friend's house before hurrying home.
  8. The only upside of being ill? I read all my outstanding Mollie Make's cover-to-cover.
  9. And to end on an up-note, I have begun moving my sewing things from our basement to our light, bright playroom where my new sewing corner will be. I may be deluding myself, but I have visions of daytime sewing in the sun while the boys play obediently, quietly and kindly around me. Realistic?
This week:
  1. We will all get better. Oh please, please, please.
  2. Our new sofabed arrives, so our friends and family no longer have to sleep on a jigsaw of sofa cushions held together by a fitted sheet. Hoorah, they all shout!
  3. Two new sewing books arrive for me (naughty one, and naughty two). I say naughty as there is no budget for them. Don't tell! I will just have to tighten the belt elsewhere.
  4. We have six leftover, wrinkling kiwis from the last organic box, and another batch has just arrived. Time to dig out the kiwi muffins recipe. Any other ideas gratefully received!
  5. I have two evenings sans husband. Sew!
  6. We have friends coming for dinner on Saturday. Valentines themed menu? Too weird for a couple of couples? Time to get the recipe books out.
  7. I am going to reorganise my sheets, duvet covers etc, using this very handy tip (see, pinterest addiction can have positive results.)
  8. I am going to sort my art postcards too. They result from a teenage art gallery addiction (art galleries being a luxury my adult, mothering life can rarely stretch to) and I have hundreds.
  9. Time to do some diarising. We need some visitors to use the new sofabed!

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