Monday, 13 February 2012

I have this idea...

... Here's how it goes:
What a lovely vignette, found here
Our front room in our four-storey terrace was once a shop on our village high street. I love the idea of returning it to its trading routes. It is large with huge, double windows and a high ceiling. There is a lot of light.

I dream of it becoming my studio. There are shelves (in this dream) along the walls, with boxes of buttons and with fabric bolts arranged in beautiful stacks of colour.
Perfect dresser contents from Pinterest, but here's the original source
The spools of thread and ribbons rest on their wooden dowels in a rainbow Mexican wave.

Wave of colour! Found here
There is a large table in the centre where I spread and cut my fabric and patterns.
Work tables, found here again
And a sewing machine table strewn by natural light (I sew in the basement at the moment. There is a window but it is insufficient: sunshine is a elucidating eldorado).

This might work - my room looks just like this
The window serves as a window into my world, a little like those old paper concertina stages. It is framed by papercrafts, bunting and wares.
Red Velvet's window, ahhh
 It is just a dream. But I am working on making a bit of it a reality. Watch this space!


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