Thursday, 2 February 2012

Eat the week... Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen

We ate from Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen this week...
  • Porridge with Blueberries, p.9... It was Burn's Night, and I'm no haggis eater. So Burn's Breakfast it was instead! The 'recipe' uses too much liquid: just follow packet instructions. But it was just what I needed for the return of winter mornings.
  • Lime & Ginger Salmon Fillets with Noodles, p.116... These were good. Always looking for new ways to vary salmon as we eat it every few weeks.
  • Pork with Apple & Juniper Berries, p.150... Oh yum, yum. (Pic on right, with peas, cabbage and swede/potato mash) Another wintry meal. Juniper berries are an acquired taste. I've definitely acquired it (despite disliking gin), but if you haven't don't bite down on them, just enjoy their subtle flavour in the sauce.
  • Bolognaise, p.154... Want a bolognaise with lots of hidden veg in it that still tastes meaty? Well here you go. Eaten by all.
  • Chicken in a Pot, p.168...Lovely flavours (leek, chicken, tomato, carrot, bacon - what's not to like?), but very saucey. Serve with a spoon for the remaining puddle, and potatoes to soak up most of the juices! (Pic on right with broccoli)
There was also another turkey and ham pie made, using Nigella's Chicken Pot Pies recipe as a guide. Our Christmas turkey just keeps giving. This was the last batch of frozen turkey with Boxing Day ham, but I also defrosted the turkey carcass and made stock from it (labelling it Turkey Lurkey - is that wrong?!), and the stock made the pie sauce. Even tried uncharacteristic pastry design in a hurry, which turned out alright. I'm definitely having a pie phase. Perhaps it's down to the lovely round Le Creuset pie dish my brother gave me for Christmas? From stock to tummy - see photos below!

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